Why Employees Stay (and Why They Go)

Posted: Sun, Jun 9th, 2013 12:03:08 pm

Here’s a recent article from Inc. magazine that we at BONNEY thought was interesting:

Why Employees Stay (and Why They Go)
by Janine Popick, Inc. Magazine, June 2013
What makes employees stay for the long haul when they can get higher pay by jumping around? The answer may surprise you.
As business owners, do we reward loyal employees to stay the course, or is jumping ship the way to get ahead? And if it’s the latter, is this a business model for success or failure?  As the CEO of my online marketing company, VerticalResponse, I’ve spent the last 12 years leading and growing our business. We’ve had employees come and go throughout that journey. As I look at my team today, I’m reminded that there are a fair number of folks who have stuck with us from the early days…
Every company has a culture, but on top of that culture is the DNA of the employees that are drawn to it. If you’ve got a group of employees who 1) are drawn to your company and what you do for the same reasons, and 2) have a shared understanding of your vision and know how their roles affect that, then you’re doing something right.  And it’s these kind of employees that are usually in it for the long haul…. In a 2012 Workforce Retention study by the American Psychological Association, 67 percent of Americans cited the reason they stay at their jobs was because “I enjoy the work I do.”  Surprised? Pay was down on the charts as the No. 3 reason with 59 percent of respondents. 

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