No Summer Vacation? No Surprise in Maine & NH

Area Workers Welcome Summer on the Job, Not on the Beach

Not packing up your beach gear and heading to sand and shore this summer? Don’t worry—the days of rejuvenating for a week by the pool or at a fishing camp may be on the wane. Sure, plenty of employees are putting an “x” through some of those peak summer days on the calendar, but if your summer plans include work, work and more work, don’t be discouraged. You’re one of many, living in an area of the country where summer employment is a necessity. 
In Maine and New Hampshire, taking summer jobs or seasonal temporary positions, or just keeping regular work hours status quo is what keeps finances coming in. It can also be a boon for workers taking advantage of jobs offered by area businesses where summer productivity thrives. 

Working This Summer? Join the (Expanding) Club

The Griswolds can have their theme parks and their R&R – but for growing groups of employees, if the sun is high, the work is on.  
Students. If you’ve been hitting the books all winter, you’re a prime summertime job seeker. Those putting their feet up during summer break are few in Maine and New Hampshire – vacation is, first and foremost, a chance to rake is some cash for the coming year, or for padding that resumé in anticipation of graduation. 
For some, taking a vacation just isn’t part 
of the warm weather routine:  ¼ of workers 
don’t have paid vacations as part of their jobs.
Service or Tourism Industry Workers. Many workers in Maine and New Hampshire bank on June, July and August to boost their income. Hiring season for restaurants, retail stores, parks, and inns can translate into a perfect opportunity for workers to get household finances in the black. Whether you work in another field all winter (teachers, for example) or you work temporary jobs all year, summertime is definitely not leisure time. 
Production workers. In Maine and New Hampshire, many production companies gear up for summer due to planned increases in production. Job seekers looking for seasonal work, or those who may be unemployed or looking for a job change, reap the benefits. Workers can get a foot in the door at large companies, enhance their skills and experience for future job searches, or take advantage of the Temp-to-Hire option offered by some staffing agencies by turning a seasonal gig into something full time. 
Admin & Office Work. Plenty of office workers and administrators take summer vacations, and the work they leave behind isn’t going to do itself. Enter local workers who pinch hit for those employees in administrative and office jobs across industry sectors.  Summer hires fill the gaps left by vacationing employees, employees going on maternity leave, or those who may require an unexpected absence. Businesses often have relationships with staffing companies just for this reason, and when the relationship works out, some jobs can last well past summer. 
Outdoor Workers. When the sun shines, plenty of industries in Maine and New Hampshire make hay. Hiring peaks in spring and summer for businesses that depend on weather. Construction jobs and general labor jobs heat up, as do landscaping and grounds labor jobs. 

Weigh in: Is your summer vacation actually a summer staycation?

Are You Taking a Summer Vacation?
Yes, and I’m counting the days.
No, but it’s voluntary – there’s money to be made.
Would if I could. My job doesn’t allow for paid vacations.
My job IS a vacation! Why would I need another one?

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