BONNEY Blog $50 Cash Card Winner: Christopher Flaherty

We asked for your temp and temp-to-hire stories and we heard from you!

Christopher Flaherty, winner of our $50 Cash Card Contest
at work at his temp-to-hire job at Dunkin’ Donuts in Bangor.

The Bonney community shared their experiences about temporary work and job placement in response to our call to comment on a recent post about temp and temp-to-hire jobs. We heard from college students, those who were returning to temporary work after time away, and those who turned to temporary work after a long time engaged in job search. It seems our suspicions were confirmed: employees in Maine and New Hampshire are finding temporary work to be a fit for their lifestyle, a way to gain work experience, and an access point for full-time, permanent positions.

Congratulations go, however, to our $50 cash card winner Christopher Flaherty. He shared his experience about working with Bonney in temporary positions that eventually led to full-time work. When we reached out to Christopher, he told us he found Bonney through the Maine Job Bank in Bangor and Central Maine and they provided contacts for businesses that were hiring in the area. That led to him being hired full time by CPL Dunkin’ Donuts in Bangor through a temp-to-hire opportunity.

Christopher said he appreciated Bonney for their seamless hiring process and for their simple payment processing. He said he also took advantage of the placement agency’s wealth of information about interviewing and job success, found on the Bonney Staffing Center website and blog and through his staffing supervisor. He reminded us of an excellent point: signing on with a placement agency provides valuable resources that can help employees get and keep a job – something job searchers just don’t have when they go it alone in the job market.

Christopher’s best advice for those starting out with temporary work? “Patience, remaining honest and reliability,” he said.  “When you get hired, remain dedicated and reliable and show you can do the work. It will help you keep the job in the long term.”

Thanks, Christopher, for being a part of the Bonney community! And thanks to all our blog post commenters for participating in the contest. You are all valued members of our local work force.

Congratulations to Runner-Up Tori Russell, winner of a $25 cash card. 

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