BONNEY’s Employees of the Year!

In honor of National Staffing Employee Week, dedicated to the millions of American workers who are employed by staffing companies each year, each BONNEY Branch Office selected an Employee of the Year to receive a Certificate of Appreciation, a monetary prize, and recognition for their outstanding contributions! From entry-level to professional status, staffing employees work in every sector of our economy.  We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication set forth by our employees, and we strive to match their exemplary performance within our own organization each and every day!  

And the Winners are…

Denise Gouin has worked with BONNEY’s Windham Office since December 2013. In the past 9 months she has played a huge role at Bridgton Hospital’s Medical Records department. Her position was originally supposed to be a 2 – 3 month long project, but has since become a full-time position with no end in sight! Denise is prompt, efficient, personable, and has great communication skills. BONNEY is proud to have such a dedicated employee working with us! Congratulations, Denise, for being our Employee of the Year! The Portsmouth Office is excited to present Employee of the Year to Donna Terrio! Donna has worked on so many different assignments in the past year (25!), taking on everything from Test Scoring to Food Service to Housekeeping. Donna is extremely reliable and flexible, willing to pick up a shift or a project at a moment’s notice. She takes pride in her work, is loyal to our clients, and is someone we can always count on! Thank you, Donna, for everything you do! You represent the best of what BONNEY is!
Congratulations to Joanne Kennedy, Employee of the Year in Portland! Joanne has been working for BONNEY at Maine Medical Center since 2011. Each summer she returns to Maine from her winter residence to provide tremendous support to the MMC HR department during a very busy time of the year. She is a true go-to employee who is reliable, dedicated, friendly, a team player and a pleasure to have work for us each year. Joanne is a fantastic example of temporary staffing, working to meet someone’s flexible work requirements, no matter the stage of one’s career! We are proud call Joanne our Field Employee and look forward to having her back in 2015! Biddeford’s Employee of the Year is Richard (Rick) Tetherly! Rick has been working on varied assignments for BONNEY since April 2013. He has a strong work ethic, is incredibly reliable, and always makes a good impression with the client, whatever the assignment. Rick also has a fabulous sense of humor which makes him fun to be around! He is currently working at Hussey Seating and they were delighted to congratulate Rick on this honor, gathering all of their employees to surprise him for the presentation! Congratulations, Rick, and thanks so much for everything you do!
Terri Radecki is Employee of the Year in Bangor! When Terri came to BONNEY last winter, she was open to being considered for all of the positions we thought she’d be qualified for – no matter the schedule or type of assignment. Her eagerness to learn new skills and her adaptibility have made her a joy to work with. Terri loved the opportunity that one gets with temp assignments to check out a position or industry, i.e. ‘try before you buy’. Terri was recently placed in a part-time temporary position and was hired on perm by the client a short while later! She has since become an important member of her new team. Congratulations, Terri! Congratulations to Brett Ewing, Auburn’s Employee of the Year! Brett has been on assignment with Lufthansa through BONNEY for 2 years. He’s a standout employee there – extremely dependable, reliable and flexible. They have 100% confidence in Brett and his abilities and consider him a valuable asset to their team! Brett has been loyal to Lufthansa, knowing that his job there will end when once the project he’s working on is complete in another 1-2 years. Lufthansa has rewarded this loyalty; when Brett had to take a personal leave for several weeks, they made sure to have his spot waiting for when he returned. Brett is absolutely the best representation of what staffing employees can be!
Samuel Charlton is Employee of the Year for BONNEY Augusta! Sam has been working at Boston Financial in Rockland since December 2012.  Sam is flexible and has always been willing to ‘go the extra mile’ when needed.  He has a wonderful attitude and is consistently optimistic even when stress levels are high! Sam likes to surprise his co-workers with the occasional box of donuts, but his generosity is not limited to his co-workers. Sam helped spearhead a playground project at Damariscotta Lake State Park and the playground was finally completed this summer! Congratulations, Sam! Ralph Keenan is Employee of the Year for BONNEY Topsham! Ralph has been working onsite at OCV Technical Fabrics in Brunswick since May of 2013. Ralph is going to school full-time while working nights for BONNEY, setting a great example for the rest of us. He’s also been very reliable — only missing one shift in the last year! BONNEY Staffing and OCV each feel very lucky to have Ralph on their team!

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