The Fastest Growing Jobs

Exploring Training Opportunities? Consider These High Growth Areas First.

Planning to train for a career and interested in choosing one with the best job outlook? You’re smart to pay attention to job growth trends. Choosing to pursue a job in an industry in decline or one that lacks opportunities in your area can leave you jobless down the road. But knowing which industries are boom and which are bust won’t provide the whole story. When it comes to your long-term job prospects, your level of education is the deciding factor in what job types will be open to you in 2018 and beyond.

The nation’s job growth statistics are inching upward. But some segments are falling fast (sorry, newspaper reporters and dairy farmers), while others are positioned for a rosy future (Well done, physical therapists and financial advisors!). Predicted job growth areas through the year 2022, for those without a high school diploma, show the highest growth in areas of Personal and Home Care Aides, as well as Carpenter Helpers and non-restaurant Food Servers.

Got a high school diploma and some college? You’ll find opportunities for Medical Assistants, and jobs in areas of skincare and beauty. With a two-year college degree, health-related jobs are on the rise in the nation and in Maine, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. And those looking toward a four-year degree may want to pursue a career as a Translator or an Information Security Analyst. (If you’re settling down in Maine and New Hampshire, try Meeting and Convention Planning for job security.)

Ready to plan your future? Consider these promising industries, courtesy of The U.S. Department of Labor.

Top 20 Occupations with the Most Openings through 2022

Retail Salespersons
Food Prep Workers
Food Servers
Waiters & Waitresses
Registered Nurses
Customer Service Representatives
Movers (Freight, Material)
Office Clerks
Personal Care Aides
General & Operation Managers
Nursing Assistants
Home Health Aides
Secretaries/Administrative Assistants
Office Supervisors
Construction Laborers
Maids & Housekeepers
Special Ed Teachers
Tractor-Trailer Drivers


What Job Will Pay Me the Most?

Highest paying jobs are not necessarily those with the highest growth. But keep in mind that searching related jobs within high growth areas can uncover more lucrative positions. If you’re seeking the highest earnings potential with a high school diploma, try Supervisor of a construction trade, says the U.S. Department of Labor. Its projected median earnings exceed $56,000. Want the largest paycheck with a college degree? Nursing is an excellent bet, as is an Operations Manager or an Accountant.













Fastest Growing Occupations by Industry through 2022

These positions have the highest growth rate, but not necessarily the most openings. Positions range from those that require no high school diploma to those with some college or an Associate’s Degree.

Health Care

Personal Care Aides
Home Health Care Aides
Occupational Therapy Assistants
Physical Therapies Aides
Skincare Specialists
Physician Assistants
Health Specialty Teachers
Medical Secretaries
Physical Therapists
Nursing Teachers


Insulation Workers
Stone and Brickmason’s Helpers
Segmental Pavers
Electrician’s Helpers
Fence Erectors
Cement Masons
Pipelayer’s Helper
Plumber’s Helper
Pipe and Steamfitter’s Helpers


Ambulance Drivers
Commercial Drivers
Medical Equipment Repairers
Veterinary Techs
CNC Programmers

Find more job growth sectors by state and education level at the

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