Industry News Update For Manufacturing Jobs On The Southern Maine Coast Area

If you watch the national news, you’ve probably been operating under the assumption that manufacturing in the US is a long-dead industry. If you live in the southern coastal area of Maine, that thought can be especially disturbing, considering the robust history of manufacturing in the region.

The reality of the situation is far different than the national media would have you believe. Manufacturing isn’t dead in Maine. In fact, the region has experienced nearly 1,000 job openings since the beginning of the year with an average salary of $49,300, according to the Manufacturers Association of Maine. That is a nearly 300% increase over 2013.

How Manufacturing In Maine Has Evolved

Even with the documented growth, the landscape today is a bit different than Maine residents may remember from the 1970’s when manufacturing in the region was dominated by textile producers, leather and tanning factories, apparel, and forestry products.  Between the 1970’s and the late 2000’s, the net number of jobs did take a hit. That hit was further exacerbated by The Great Recession when wages in manufacturing bottomed out to all-time lows in both the number of jobs and average salary.

Automation was a big reason why “traditional” manufacturing jobs declined, but overall, the sector has leveled out. Companies are hiring fewer low-skilled workers and are now looking for highly-skilled workers to run their facilities. This means that while the net number of manufacturing jobs in the region has declined since the heyday years, companies are seeking out skilled workers for more complex positions and are offering higher average salaries for those skills.

Where Talent And Manufacturing Meet In Maine

Many employers in the manufacturing sector are struggling to locate the right people to fill their manufacturing positions, and job seekers are not always quite sure where to look to find the best new opportunities.

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