3 Ways You Can Grow Your Engineering Career

Whether you are a recent graduate, or you’ve been in the engineering field for some time, you likely have aspirations to grow your engineering career. Although it takes time to advance, there are things you can do to help speed up the process and ensure you’re ready when new opportunities arise. By growing your skills, taking an interest in learning on the job and building a professional network, you can put yourself in a better position to advance sooner rather than later.

Continue Your Education

The best way to grow your engineering career is to earn a master’s degree. Engineers often can’t advance beyond the entry-level without an advanced degree, and many employers expect new engineers to their master’s within a few years of employment and even many licenses require advanced education.

If you do have your master’s degree, you can enhance your credentials by earning a second degree in a complementary field or even by earning an MBA. The more specialized your education and skills, the more value you bring to the table for your current and future employers.

Ask For More Responsibility

One of the best ways to get ahead in your career is to ask for new opportunities. Successful engineers take risks and ask to work on new projects, even if they are only part of the team as an observer. Keep an eye out for projects or tasks that align with your goals and give you the opportunity to learn and try new things. It’s also worthwhile to ask to cross-train on other roles within the team.  The worst your boss can say to you is, “no,” but you can bet that your interest in learning and growing will be remembered.

Build Your Networking Muscles

Networking is critical in every field, and engineering is no exception. Join local professional groups and attend their meetings and events. Try to find a mentor who can help guide you as you move through your career and who can provide you with solid advice as you advance. Don’t forget the importance of networking online, either. LinkedIn and professional social media pages can be a great way to make new connections and find out about new opportunities in your field.

Bonus Tip: Work With An Engineering Recruiter

A professional engineering recruiter can be an invaluable resource as you advance through your engineering career. A recruiter will work with you to understand where you want to go, and they will match you with opportunities that truly align with your unique goals. They also take the legwork out of your job search, which means you can focus on things like networking, taking on new responsibilities or returning to school without the added strain of looking for a new job at the same time. If you are an engineer seeking new opportunities to grow your career, contact the experts at Bonney Staffing Center today.

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