Competition for qualified candidates is steep in today’s market, and that can mean jobs are left unfilled for longer than average, increasing your cost-to-hire, straining your existing staff, and negatively impacting morale. It is crucial for business health to fill jobs quickly with candidates who have the skills and the staying power to succeed, but that often requires an overhaul of your hiring process. Use these strategies to fill your open positions quickly this year.

How to Get Qualified Candidates:

Get Proactive
Don’t wait until someone leaves or you get the go-ahead to create a new position before looking for great people. Shortening your time-to-hire requires you to be prepared to act quickly when a job opens up. It is critical to forecast your long-term needs so that you can be ready when the need arises. HR teams should have ongoing communication with managers in every department to stay on top of their needs and demands, so that action can occur quickly.

Streamline Your Hiring Process
If your hiring process drags on for weeks or even months at a time, you’re going to lose good candidates to your competitors. Make sure that every manager who needs to be involved in the hiring process shows up for interviews so you don’t have to bring candidates back in, and make decision meetings non-negotiable. Hiring decisions should be a priority, not something managers squeeze into their schedule when they have time.

Know Your Market
If you want to hire great people, you’ve got to offer competitive salary and benefits packages. If you don’t know the going rates for the positions you’re hiring for in your geographic area, you run the risk of pricing yourself out of the market. Make sure to stay on top of salaries and if you can’t compete on pay, work with company leadership to provide perks that can make up the difference.

Is Your Business Prepared to Adjust Its Hiring Process?

If all of these strategies sound overwhelming, or if you realize you’ll have to overhaul your process from end-to-end, don’t get discouraged. There is a simple, cost-effective way to build a pipeline, forecast future needs, streamline your process and ensure competitive wages without going crazy. Forming a staffing partnership with an experienced recruiting team can help you shorten your time-to-hire without sacrificing quality or spending an arm and a leg.

Are you looking to add to your team today?

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