Ergonomics: Wellness in the Workplace

  Can the position of your stapler have an impact on your health? Absolutely. Designers and engineers concerned with workplace ergonomics understand how the things we do every day in our jobs impact our long term health. Ergonomic experts work across industries with labor and health and safety organizations to optimize workplaces to prevent pain,… Read more »

Bonney Staffing Has Moved to a New Portsmouth, NH Location!

Bigger, Centrally-Located Space Makes Room for Growth Bonney Staffing Center, Inc. is excited to announce that we’ve moved to a brand new location at 767 Islington Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire! The move marks the company’s continued growth in the southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts markets. A bigger, better space will help us to… Read more »

Labor Market Trends Bring New Hiring Landscape to Northern New England

In Northern New England, a dramatically tighter labor market and low unemployment rate is changing the hiring landscape for the region’s employers. Falling unemployment claims mirrored by lower labor participation rates reveal numbers that haven’t been seen in the region for several years. The trend promises to have lingering implications for employers and job seekers… Read more »

NEW Bonney Staffing Branch in Rockland, Maine is Open!

Introducing Bonney’s Newest Office! Bonney Staffing is excited to announce a new Branch Office in Rockland, Maine! We now have a permanent location on the coast to help better provide job placement and employer services from Waldoboro to Belfast, and everywhere in-between. Our customers know we have the passion and experience for reliable, high quality… Read more »

Workplace Lessons Star Wars Can Teach Us in 2016

Ready to Take Your Job by Storm? The Force is with You. There is no better time to manage workplace foibles, improve office morale, and reflect on the health of co-worker relations than the clean slate of a brand new year. Was 2015 was less than galactic? One way to learn from past mistakes is… Read more »

Bonney Goes “Above and Beyond” for Veterans

Bonney Staffing Recognized at Veterans’ Conference, Joins Maine’s Hire-A-Vet Campaign Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), Chair Emeritus, Rob Carmichael (Brig. General retired) presents Donna Dumond and Robert Traill of Bonney Staffing with an ESGR Above and Beyond Award this past September. Bonney Staffing was recognized for exemplary employment assistance with military affiliated… Read more »

Are You Risking Job Burnout?

Every job has its ups and downs. But sometimes the downs last longer than they should. If your work environment is chaotic, demanding, unrewarding, or monotonous, and it’s been that way for months or even years, the trouble may not be your state of mind. It’s very likely you’re burned out. Workplace burnout is a… Read more »

The Fastest Growing Jobs

Exploring Training Opportunities? Consider These High Growth Areas First. Planning to train for a career and interested in choosing one with the best job outlook? You’re smart to pay attention to job growth trends. Choosing to pursue a job in an industry in decline or one that lacks opportunities in your area can leave you… Read more »

Is Your Workplace Stuck in the Mad Men Era?

The Four Red Flags That Let You Know From Utz® Potato Chips to the first steps on the moon, the bygone era depicted in the popular series Mad Men has a fascinating appeal. But for the employees of Sterling Cooper and its multiple agency spin-offs, life in the workplace was no bed of roses. Fortunately,… Read more »