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National Staffing Employee Week, September 19-25

Bonney Staffing Center, Inc. is proud to join staffing companies across the country in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week, September 19th–25th!  Established by the American Staffing Association, National Staffing Employee Week pays tribute to the millions of Americans who are employed by staffing firms nationally. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that temporary and… Read more »

Put on Your Game Face: What You Want a Potential Employer to See

In 2015, a tweet from Matt Buckland, a prominent talent manager in London, went viral. He had an unpleasant run-in with a man on the morning train, and then that man appeared before him in an interview. It’s a cautionary tale that all candidates can learn from: You never, ever know who is watching you…. Read more »

Three Leadership Quotes Every Manager Needs to Remember

Stepping into a management role is never easy. The stress of taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills can take its toll, and it can be lonely at the top. Leaders have to draw inspiration from a variety of sources in order to keep themselves motivated when the pressure is on. Here are three… Read more »

Get To Know The Team In Our New Rhode Island Office!

Have you heard? Bonney Staffing’s newest Warwick, RI office has been open now for a couple weeks! The Warwick office is working hard to serve the Greater Providence and southern Massachusetts region, finding the right people for job placements and the right fit for job seekers. Want to get know the girls of our Warwick… Read more »

Manager Spotlight: 5 Things That Will Motivate Your Staff

  Maintaining a motivated staff is essential for productivity, limiting turnover, and meeting goals – goals that managers themselves must answer for. A manager’s responsibility of keeping a team motivated can range from maintaining focus to simply making sure employees arrive on time. Managers, especially new managers, sometimes struggle to maintain employee motivation. And, not… Read more »

Bonney Takes The Prize…Twice!

At Bonney Staffing, we pride ourselves in the exceptional customer service we provide for job seekers and applicants. We make it our mission to find the best fit for those going through the hiring process. We want this process to be smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable and take time to truly understand applicants’ needs, wants, and… Read more »

Bonney Staffing is Coming to Rhode Island!

New Branch Location Brings Customer Dedication and Personal Service to the Greater Providence Region Bonney Staffing Center, Inc. is extending its reach to Rhode Island! We will be serving the Greater Providence region with our new branch location in Warwick, which will open for business on August 1, 2016. Our entire suite of staffing and… Read more »

How To Make LinkedIn Work for Your Career Goals

4 Ways to Step Up Your Social Networking Game Sometimes the best advice for job seekers and those considering a career change is to spend more time on a social network – one that provides the latest job opportunities, expands your contacts, and provides career development support. You probably know about LinkedIn’s reputation for professional networking already…. Read more »

Need to Increase Productivity on the Job? Try Practicing Mindfulness

  For employers seeking better employee health, productivity, and improved cognitive and leadership ability, there may be a single answer: hurry up and slow down. Slow down and focus, that is. Studies increasingly support findings that a healthy dose of mindfulness, mindful meditation, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction can improve a spectrum of workplace ills,… Read more »

The Summer Job Search Heats Up

Good (& Bad) News for Summer Job Seekers With the warm weather comes plenty of good news for recent graduates, those seeking supplemental income, or job seekers taking advantage of the season’s expanding opportunities. Those interested in summer employment can bask in the benefit of a favorable job market in Maine and New Hampshire. But… Read more »