Get to Know Bonney

Close to Home. Far From Ordinary.

In 1975…

Mrs. Ruth Bonney founded Bonney Personnel. Everyone knew her and she knew everyone. Her connections allowed her to seamlessly match people looking for jobs with local companies. But what made her company unique was a “people first” approach — it was clear that she cared for people and that was the root of her success. Over the years, her network became Bonney Staffing — now expanding to locations in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

45 years later…

We’ve never lost Mrs. Bonney’s guiding principle of “caring for people”. Yet, they say change is good, so that’s why we are now part of the TalentLaunch Network. Our teams now have access to cutting-edge technology & tactics, improved efficiencies, and coverage to nearly all the U.S. states. With greater resources, we’re changing how companies and job seekers come together.

Powered by TalentLaunch. 

Bonney is proud to be a member company of the TalentLaunch Network. TalentLaunch offers a transformative edge to the staffing industry, directly benefiting our clients and candidates by ensuring a more efficient, seamless, and quality-driven recruitment process. Through TalentLaunch’s comprehensive technology tools, strategic planning services, back office support, and best-in-class training, we deliver superior staffing outcomes. Our clients enjoy access to a broader, higher quality pool of candidates, faster placement times, and tailored staffing solutions that meet their specific needs. Overall, our partnership with TalentLaunch upgrades our hiring process and consultative workforce management services, leading to better productivity, retention, and satisfaction for our customers.

The values we live by. 

Our culture and values are the foundation for our success. We believe that if you leverage the environmental “pillars” in the right manner, it will root each of us in the way we conduct business (our “values”) – supporting the vision and decision making process within our organization. This guides our approach to each and every engagement we make; helping us focus more on what matters – the customer.


Accountability: Establish transparency through openness.
Vulnerability: Build connections through authenticity.
Gratitude: Appreciate life’s experiences– both the good and the bad.
Competition: Have a passion for winning.
Active Learning: Always be in pursuit to grow personally and professionally.
Engaged: Be immersed in the hustle – work can be fun, fulfilling, and exciting.


Make it Happen: Determination drives results.
Entrepreneurship: Take responsibility for your outcomes.
Teamwork: Make each other better because iron sharpens iron.
Relationships: Be a giver, not a taker.
Integrity: Choose courage over comfort.
Communication: Paint pictures to establish alignment.
Sense of Urgency: Achieve great outcomes, quickly.

What We're Proud Of...

We take staffing to new heights. That's why we are Great Recruiters Certified. This distinction is a reflection of our commitment to excellence by providing transparency to the experience that clients and associates have when interacting with our organization. See what our customers say about us HERE.

Recognized by Forbes as one of America's Best Temp Staffing Firms 2022-2024