Bonney Boosts Time-to-Hire to 7 Days for 150+ Packaging Hires

Bonney Solves Hiring Challenges During The Peak Of COVID-19

Our client was struggling with turnover when demand for the positions was highest. Learn how Bonney filled those positions with an average 7 days for time-to-fill.


Volk Packaging Corporation was struggling with employee retention and turnover during a time when the need for these positions was at its highest due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bonney set up daily meetings with the client in order to understand their needs and develop a custom staffing and recruiting solution that best solved their retention and turnover issues.

By learning about Volk’s company and culture, Bonney changed the language they were using when recruiting to better sell the company to associates.


As a result, Bonney was able to fill 14 open Volk positions during the COVID-19 pandemic with an average time-to-fill of 7 days.

Big Takeaways:

  • 150+ Placements made to date. Bonney’s longstanding partnership has resulted in helping over 150 associates in the Biddeford area secure jobs at Volk Packaging.
  • 7 days average time-to-fill. During the height of the pandemic, Bonney was able to act quickly and fill critical roles in an average of 7 days.
  • Extended Bonney’s Services. Recognizing the opportunities Bonney provides, Volk now utilizes additional payrolling services to help save their teams time and money when it comes to hiring top associates.

You and your staff have done an awesome job supplying us with temps in 2020 and we value

our partnership.

Atoka D., HR at Volk Packaging

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