An outdated hiring process is likely costing you quality candidates. However, overhauling your whole process isn’t a simple undertaking. It can take months – if not years – to fully upgrade the way you source, hire and retain great people. If your process is outdated and you don’t have the time or resources to start from scratch, here are some hiring process upgrades that you can implement now.

1) Rewrite Job Descriptions
Incomplete and inaccurate job descriptions lead to incomplete and inaccurate job postings. If you aren’t advertising the actual skills and experience you need for your team, you’ll always attract unqualified candidates. Start with your most immediate hiring needs and sit down with those job descriptions and determine what’s missing. It’s useful to sit down with department managers to get their input on the actual skills, soft skills and qualities they are looking for in new team members.

2) Use Social Media
If your hiring team isn’t using social media to advertise positions, promote your company culture and connect with potential candidates, they need to add that to their repertoire immediately. Social media is free, it is effective, and it is where people hang out in their spare time. Social platforms can be an effective way to start building a reputation as a good employer and connect with talent.

3) Implement Skills Testing
Unfortunately, candidates will stretch the truth or even lie about their skills in order to land a job. The best way to ensure that someone can actually do the job is to test them on the skills you are looking for. These tests don’t have to be elaborate. You could have administrative candidates complete actions in a test spreadsheet, for example. Laborers can be tested on machinery, customer service pros can be tested through role plays, etc. Over time you can create more intricate testing, but it’s easy to implement some form of testing immediately.

4) Move Faster
A slow hiring process will always cause you to lose great people to competitors. Gather your hiring teams and make it clear that they need to develop realistic timelines and stick to them. If more than one person must be present for an interview, make that time non-negotiable so you aren’t dragging candidates back multiple times. Set a realistic timeline for making hiring decisions once interviews have been completed, and assign someone in leadership to follow up to make sure deadlines and timelines are adhered to.

5) Outsource The Process To An Expert
There are simple things you can do to upgrade your hiring process, but even those simple strategies can often be easier in theory than in practice. If you want to instantly begin to streamline your process, connect with vetted candidates who are well-suited for your organization, and improve retention, it pays to outsource your hiring process to an expert.

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