What Kinds Of Jobs Can I Find In The Midcoast Region Of Maine?

What Kinds Of Jobs Can I Find In The Midcoast Region Of Maine?

There is no place quite like the midcoast region of Maine. There are cities, small towns, islands, forests, and beaches all clustered together. You can hike a trail in the morning, visit the ocean at lunch, and be in a bustling downtown area for dinner. But what types of jobs are available in the midcoast? The answer, and the variety, may surprise you.

Fast-Growing Fields in The Midcoast Region of Maine

Data from the Maine Department of Labor reports that there are a few fields growing faster than average in the midcoast region. The healthcare industry is booming, just as it is across the country as the population continues to age. Clinical jobs, laboratory jobs, administrative jobs, healthcare IT, and ancillary support are expected to grow by 10% over the next seven years.

Service jobs and retail jobs are also expected to grow by about 5%, as well, as the economy continues to grow and consumer confidence continues to rise. People are starting to spend money again on leisure, which means employment will expand.

Tourism is big business in Maine’s midcoast region, especially during the high season from June-September. There is a lot of money flowing into tourism right now. New hotels and restaurants are popping up and existing tourism businesses are investing in upgrades and new employees.

Finally, while Maine may not be considered quite the tech hub as the Pacific Northwest, technology jobs are on the rise. Businesses in all industries rely on technology more and more, and they invest in more complex systems each day. Many local municipalities are also engaged in outreach efforts to attract startups and tech companies in an effort to keep young talent from leaving the state.

Where To Find Great Jobs In Maine’s Midcoast Region

There are lots of great jobs available in the region, but job searches can often be overwhelming. Bonney Staffing Center is Maine’s premier staffing firm, and we can help you locate the right job for you, quickly and efficiently.

Bonney offers a variety of benefits to our talent pool, including: Customized job search support, competitive pay, health benefits, software training and employee referral bonuses. That means that recent graduates, people new to the area, job seekers between jobs, those who are trying to figure out the right field for them, people looking for flexibility in their schedules or those who just prefer the excitement of working short-term contracts can work regularly, receive weekly paychecks and benefits.

We place talented people in a wide variety of jobs in fields like: Administrative, accounting, finance, banking, clerical, customer service, human resources, medical office, legal office, IT, manufacturing, warehouse, general labor and more. Whether you’re just starting out, switching careers or you’re a seasoned professional, the recruiters at Bonney Staffing Center can help you achieve your goals. We invite you to browse our job board today to learn more about the jobs we are currently filling.

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