Start Your New Year Off Well With These 3 Job-Search Tips

If you have been searching for new job opportunities, you probably took a little time off for the holidays. Now that December is behind us, it’s time to jump back in and get your search going again. Here are three tips to help you get your job search on the right track in the New Year.

  1. Tailor Your Resume And Cover Letter
    A tailored approach to a job search will always yield better results than blanketing the internet with your resume and applying for any and every job opening you see. This year, apply only to jobs that you actually find appealing and that you are qualified for. You don’t have to have 100% of the qualifications listed in the posting, but your skills and experience should align.

    When you do find a job worth applying to, tailor your resume and cover letter to that position. Make sure to address specifics about the job and clearly define yourself as the ideal candidate based on your unique experiences. While job searches are often a numbers game, it’s the quality of the applications you send that yield real results, not the quantity.
  1. Fill A Gap In Your Skill Set
    Is there a skill you’ve been wanting to learn? For example, you may be able to work within an Excel spreadsheet but you’ve always wanted to become more adept at using the program. Make this the year you finally take the plunge. Sign up for a class to take your skills to the next level. Local high schools, vo-tech schools, and community colleges typically offer moderately-priced continuing education classes for local residents in a variety of subjects, skills, and trades. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can sign up for a new professional certification or take a full-credit college course.

    Developing a new skill set or improving on an existing skill never hurts. In fact, it can only help. It will also help you build your self-esteem and give you a sense of personal achievement.
  1. Instantly Accelerate Your Search
    Job searches can be long, slow, frustrating challenges. If you want to start the New Year off with a bang, consider taking a new approach that can instantly jumpstart your career. Reach out to an experienced recruiter who can match you with new opportunities that align with your skills, your interests, your work style and your career goals.
Ready to start your job search?

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