How to Stay Safe On the Job in A Warehouse

According to OSHA, over twelve fatal injuries occur every day in American warehouses. That number may not seem large, but imagine your own family having to go on if you left work tomorrow and never came home. Warehouses are full of hazards, and according to OSHA, the most common hazards that lead to injury and death are slips, trips and falls, forklift accidents, pallet jack accidents, electrical malfunctions, machinery operator error and machinery malfunctions. You can reduce your chances of injury or even death by staying safe on the job using these helpful tips.

1) Promote Cleanliness
Keeping a warehouse clean is one of the most effective ways to stay safe. Shavings, spills, debris in walkways and driveways, loose cords, etc., all create extremely hazardous conditions. If someone makes a mess and walks away, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask them to clean it up, and always clean up after yourself.

2) Use Signage
If you clean up a spill and the floor is wet, always put out the wet floor signs. If you notice that entryways are wet, or if there are cords laying across a walkway, take time to put out signs or tape down the cords. Going out of your way for three minutes to post a sign is well worth the time if it saves you or someone else from having an accident.

3) Use Your Safety Equipment
No matter how ugly, annoying or uncomfortable your safety glasses, hard hat, mask, apron, gloves, etc. may be, wear them at all times. There is a reason you are required to wear them on the job – they save body parts and lives.

4) Don’t Cut Corners
There will inevitably be people on your team who will encourage you to cut concerns on the job. They will tell you to wait to clean up spills, to leave piles of packing material until the end of the shift, to lift improperly, to overload shelves and machines, etc. Warehouses are fast-paced environments and many people see safety rules as an impediment to hitting deadlines. In order to stay safe and to keep your coworkers safe, you can’t cut corners on safety.

Going against safety regulations not only puts people at risk, but it could impact your ability to collect workers’ compensation or insurance if you do become injured. No matter how you’re being pressured, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Work For A Company that Values Warehouse Safety

One of the best ways to ensure your safety on the job is to work for a company that values the health, safety and well-being of their team. If you are looking for new warehouse and industrial job opportunities in Maine, contact Bonney Staffing today. Together, we can find your ideal working environment.

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