Essential Safety Tips for Warehouse, Industrial, and Landscaping Workers

Essential Safety Tips for Warehouse, Industrial, and Landscaping Workers

Do you know what warehouse, industrial, and landscaping jobs all have in common? The answer is safety. All the jobs that fall under those industries require heavy lifting, potentially dangerous machinery and equipment, weather conditions, and chemicals.

No one wants to get hurt, but sometimes we neglect the best safety practices because it takes extra time and effort. It’s important to keep safety at the top of mind when working in demanding industries. If you work in a warehouse, industrial or landscaping job here are practical safety tips you should follow during your shifts.

Warehouse Safety Tips

  1. Use proper lifting techniques– Don’t overexert yourself when lifting heavy products. Always ask for help if the object is too heavy to lift alone.
  1. Wear correct footwear– Your shoes should have a sturdy, good tread and grip, and be steel-toed.
  2. Ladders– Always read and follow the labels on the ladders and inspect the ladder before using it.
  3. Operating a Pallet Jack– Never place your feet under the machine, never exceed the advised capacity, always push the load, and move the load slowly.
  4. Operating Forklifts-Use caution at all times when operating or working around forklifts and other moving equipment. OSHA explains that about 100 employees are killed and 95,000 injured every year while operating forklifts in all industries. Make sure you are educated and certified to operate a forklift. Do not exceed 5 mph.

Industrial Safety Tips

  1. Use the correct posture when lifting– Keep your back straight, use your legs to lift, and pick up the item without stopping or twisting.
  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)– When cleaning up messes and using the equipment, make sure you wear the proper safety equipment. Making sure you wear the proper safety equipment and checking that your safety equipment is undamaged significantly lowers your likelihood of getting injured.
  2. Protect your hands and fingers from pinch point injuries- Always check equipment and machinery before using for pinch points.
  3. Use the right glove for the right job. Laceration proof, gripping, heatproof, chemical resistant, etc..
  4. Use machines, equipment, and tools properly- Misusing tools and machines is the most prevalent cause of workplace injuries. When using the equipment, make sure that you are using each piece of equipment for its intended purpose and are using it correctly. Proper training should be provided for the use of all equipment. Please also make note of any signs or manuals indicating danger or usage expectations.

Landscaping Safety Tips

  1. Practice safe lifting- When working with heavy equipment be sure to use best practices for lifting.
  1. Stay visible- Landscapers should always wear high visibility colors and long pants, sturdy shoes, gloves, and ear and eye protection.
  2. Stay hydrated- Working outside is a great advantage but always wear sun protection, and cool layered clothing to prevent the risk of sunburn or dehydration.
  3. Safe handling of chemicals and fertilizer- Be aware of what chemicals you are using and what protection you need when getting the job done.
  4. Know your machines- Power tools like tillers, blowers, mowers, and trenchers can cause severe injuries if they malfunction or are used incorrectly. You should read the manual before using a new tool for the first time.

A work environment is only as safe as the least safe person who works in it.
Be sure to keep all safety protocol in mind during your work day – and do your best to hold those around you to the same standards, too!

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