Set the Right New Year’s Resolutions for Your Team

A new year is always a hopeful time when we “reset the clock” after the holidays, starting with a fresh set of goals and a new perspective. Many of your employees come back in January with a determination and motivation that wasn’t there in mid-December. The goals you set for your group right now will set the pace for the entire year. While your standard metrics and goals are important, this year, set some New Year’s resolutions to help strengthen your team.

Improve Communication
Do you ever feel like you’re talking to a room full of people who never listen? Do you find that your team asks the same questions over and over? Do they struggle to communicate with each other? This year, focus on improving one-on-one and group communication.

Hold weekly mini-meetings with each of your team members to check in with team members, see how things are going and monitor their progress. These meetings should be a maximum of 10 minutes long, so that they don’t become a chore. To enhance group communication, ask the team for ideas on how to improve things. They may want you to invest in project management software, a company messaging service, or they may simply want more productive staff meetings. Open the floor and then take the steps to provide the group with the tools they need to communicate effectively.

Focus on Feedback
The most powerful tool in a manager’s toolbox is direct, real-time feedback. If you want to reinforce successful behavior and nip bad habits in the bud, you have to speak up as soon as you see those behaviors in action. Regular feedback lets you address small issues before they become large problems and helps team members build on good habits.

Don’t forget that you need feedback, too. Actively solicit input from your team on how both you and the company are doing in terms of setting them up for success. You can do this subtly, by asking questions like, “what do you think about this,” “what do you think went right (or wrong) here,” and “what’s your take on this situation?”

Make Development A Priority
If you want to build a productive, engaged team, you must focus on skills and career development. Identify high performers and ask them about their long-term career goals. Then create an action plan for the year that will put them on the right track. Help them determine the skills and experience they need to develop to reach their goal, and connect them with opportunities to grow with training, classes, seminars, new responsibilities, etc.

The people on your team who don’t aspire to move up, or who lack the skills to do so, shouldn’t be ignored. Identify the skills that could make these team members better at their jobs and work with them to grow those skills, as well. When you show your team that you’re interested in helping them grow professionally, they will be more engaged and enthusiastic in their daily work.

Share your resolutions for the team when everyone returns from the New Year’s holiday. Publish them and ask for their help in holding you accountable for ensuring that those resolutions become a reality.

If you are looking for innovative workforce management and staffing solutions that will help you reduce downtime, prevent bottlenecks, and keep productivity and profitability high in the new year, contact the experts at Bonney Staffing to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

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