Thankful for Your Job? 3 Perfect Ways to Show It to Your Boss

Are you thankful for the job that you go to each day to earn a living? If so, why not take the time to show your boss that you are appreciative. You don’t have to spend money, or be elaborate in showing your boss that you are thankful. Here are three simple but perfect ways to show your boss you’re grateful.

Be Punctual

Showing up on time probably doesn’t seem like much, but it shows that you are respectful and that you take your job seriously. However, don’t just show up on time and languish around the coffee station for an hour. When you walk through the door, be ready to hit the ground running. If you want to socialize, show up 15 minutes earlier than usual. You might be surprised at how punctuality and timeliness can set you apart from the rest of the team.

Raise Your Hand And Never Say, “That’s not my job.”

Never shy away from an opportunity to go above and beyond. If a co-worker needs help, volunteer to help out. If new projects have the boss scrambling to find people to take them on, raise your hand to participate. Any time you can help your boss fill in the gaps, it will be remembered.

But what happens when your boss comes to you and tells you they want you to do something? The last thing your boss wants to hear is, “That’s not my job.” Always smile and say you are happy to help. If the task falls outside of your skill or knowledge base, it’s ok to speak up, however. Just phrase it like this, “I’m more than happy to help out with that, but I’ve never actually worked on that system before. Could you or someone else take the time to get me up to speed?”

Say “Thank You” And Offer Feedback

Employees want to hear the words “thank you” from their boss, but your boss would appreciate hearing the same from you, as well. Those two little words matter a great deal to people. When your boss takes time to help you, to listen to a complaint, or to work through a challenge, just say thanks.

Not only does your boss want to hear you say thank you, but he also wants to know what’s going right and what might not be going so well. If your boss has implemented a new system that is helping you blow your productivity numbers out of the water, speak up and let him know that his change is helping. And if something is going south, don’t wait for disaster to strike. Ask for a meeting and speak with your boss in a direct way. Good communication is the key to success. Bosses often don’t know what’s going right or wrong until it’s too late. Providing feedback and keeping supervisors in the loop can help the entire team achieve its goals.

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