Dealing With A Skills Gap? How You Can Locate The Help You Need.

Dealing With A Skills Gap? How You Can Locate The Help You Need.

There is a well-documented skill gap happening in Maine. Businesses need skilled laborers to help them meet demand, but there simply aren’t enough talented people to go around. The problem predates the Great Recession, which only exacerbated the issue, forcing many businesses to shut down, downsize or merge. The current skill gap is further complicated by the fact that older workers are retiring in droves and young people have either left the state to look for skilled work or chose to follow different career paths, reducing the number of new skilled laborers entering the market. So how can you find the help you need given these circumstances?

Attract Young Workers

The skilled labor market has had to contend with the national media, which has painted a dire picture over the last several decades. Young people are being pushed towards college rather than skilled professions and trades, believing there is little opportunity in so-called “blue collar” work. However, given the fact that the average college student graduates with over $30,000 in debt, the tides are slowly shifting.

Getting young people to rethink skilled work isn’t easy, but companies can entice young people through apprenticeship programs and on-the-job skills training. These types of programs ensure young people will have the precise skills you’re looking for, and they provide workers with a sense of long-term security that isn’t available in the “college track” in today’s economy.

Utilize Temporary Workers and Contractors

Closing the skill gap is only possible if you think outside the box. Traditional recruiting simply isn’t fitting the bill, so employers must reach outside their comfort zones. Temporary employees, temporary-to-hire and contractors can help close gaps efficiently and effectively. Many skilled laborers embrace short-term assignments because it provides them with the chance to work in different environments. Talented people also opt for temporary work because they are re-entering the workforce after caring for children or an ailing parent, returning to civilian life after military service, or because they like the flexibility and work-life balance that comes with contracting.

Temporary workers can help ensure projects get completed on time, they can help reduce overtime and strain on your existing staff, or to cover open positions while you continue a permanent candidate search.

Work With An Expert In Skilled Labor Recruiting

The fastest way to close a skill gap and ensure you’re connecting with the right people is to work with a staffing firm that has expertise in the skilled labor market. These firms have a built-in pipeline of full-time and temporary workers who are seeking new opportunities. They can relieve the strain on your internal hiring team while helping you manage recruiting costs; all while improving the quality of new hires.

Are you looking to close the skill gap on your team?

If you are struggling to close a skill gap on your team, work with the expert labor recruiters at Bonney Staffing in Maine. Our team understands the Maine labor market, and we have an extensive pipeline of skilled workers who are ready, willing and able to accept new challenges. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help your business move forward.

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