The Benefits of Hiring Bonney Staffing: Our SWAT Team Means Business!

You know that when law enforcement officials call in the elite Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), that things have gotten serious. Did you know that your business can also call upon an elite team to swoop in and save the day when you are faced with significant staffing challenges? Bonney Staffing’s Staff Who Arrive Today (SWAT) program is there to help our clients navigate the waters when they are faced with unforeseen issues or emergencies that require them to staff up on demand.

Emergencies That Require SWAT Staffing

Life is full of surprises, and no matter how well you plan, no matter how accurately you forecast, you simply cannot prepare for every single obstacle that pops up in the course of a business day. When you experience one of those moments, and you realize you don’t have enough staff on hand and you need capable, reliable staff immediately, Bonney Staffing Center’s SWAT program can help.

With one phone call, you can mobilize as many employees as you need who have been pre-vetted, and who are skilled and ready to tackle the challenge at hand. SWAT can assist with:

  • large, last-minute orders
  • high-volume temporary assignments
  • multiple shift management
  • project-initiated work
  • last-minute call-offs or no-shows

On-Demand Staffing, Not Just Warm Bodies

SWAT is offered to any Bonney Staffing Center client that thinks they may have a need for it. While you may have tried on-demand staffing before, understand that the SWAT approach is unique. We don’t simply round up warm bodies to send to you like other firms may do. Instead, we take the time to cultivate a team of on-call field employees who are the right match for the organization. Once you are signed up and your dedicated team has been designated, you have access to your SWAT team 24 hours a day, whenever the need arises.

Do you want help managing your workforce?

Since 1975, Bonney Staffing has been helping businesses solve their most difficult workforce management challenges. Our reputation is built on reliability, accuracy, integrity and impeccable service to our clients and to our workforce. If you are looking for solutions to keep your call center, office or light industrial business fully staffed with effective talent, or if you want to learn a little more about our SWAT program, contact the team at Bonney Staffing today.

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