The Video Resume

Today’s Hiring Tool for Savvy Job Seekers

For employers and job placement agencies, online applications have long been the norm, and now, communication via video is more common than ever before. The video resume – a video recorded remotely and sent to a hiring manager to support a job application – can be an important part of a job seeker’s package.
Video resumes are obviously a valuable tool to help time-starved hiring managers, but video resumes can provide an important edge for job seekers as well. It helps them put a unique stamp on their application, showcase their strengths, and gives them a leg up when it comes to getting the position they’ve been working toward.

If you’ve partnered with a staffing company or job placement agency that doesn’t offer job seekers the opportunity to create a video package as part of the application process, it’s time step out from behind the curve – and in front of the camera.

The Video Resume Edge

There are many compelling reasons for job seekers to have a video resume in their arsenal. With Facetime and Skype becoming common communication media, many hiring managers expect a remote interview to be part of the hiring process at some point.

But providing a video resume upfront can also be an effective way to differentiate yourself. While paper resumes may be fading fast, even digital resumes can be lost in the shuffle. And, when the job market is competitive, standing out in a pool of applicants is a job seeker’s objective. An exceptional video resume can make that happen.

Job seekers can think of it as making their very own commercial. “We want to make you look good.”

Video resumes are used for all levels of employment, but they can be particularly valuable for mid-level jobs, where applicants are looking for a little extra edge in a highly competitive market, according to Kelly Aho, Vice President of Bonney Staffing Center. “It can make an enormous difference,” Aho said. “Video resumes allow you to portray yourself in the best possible light so a hiring manager can see you are more than a piece of paper. At Bonney, we have the best clients across all industries, and we want you to put your best foot forward to help you get in front of them.”

Aho said that the videos they create with applicants at Bonney provide an effortless “meeting” between employer and candidate and are an excellent way for an applicant to hone their presentation skills. All job seekers eventually end up in a face-to-face meeting, and after doing a video resume, the applicant is confident and prepared to take the next step.

It may seem at first glance that video resumes are a way for employers to see if an applicant is a “fit”, or to get a gut reaction about them. That may be true to an extent, but staffing specialists at Bonney say that the videos play a more meaningful role. For example, applicants can use a video resume as a way to overcome skills deficits or resume gaps by highlighting strengths instead. When you have a few minutes to sell yourself, showing that you are highly motivated can impress employers and overshadow a lack of experience, for example. And, hiring managers can take in much more information by viewing a video than they can by reading over resumes and letters. That can work to the job seeker’s advantage.

Ready for Your Close Up? How to Get Started

“We want to make you look good,” said Krista Thurlow, District Manager at Bonney Staffing, about the video resume process. At Bonney, all applicants have access to their proprietary video resume system, and staffers take them through every step of the process, making sure the version on camera shows the applicant in the best possible light. Job seekers can think of it as making their very own commercial.

The interview consists of around 3-5 general questions – questions such as, “What would a recent supervisor say about you?” – that are walked through with the applicant beforehand. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete. It’s an easy, friendly, low-pressure process, built specifically around helping applicants make a great impression and get an edge when it comes to in-demand positions with some of the state’s top-tier companies.

The video’s creation and packaging is completely taken care by Bonney, and staffing specialists will send along a link to the video to hiring managers along with the applicant’s resume. Hiring managers have access to the video even if they didn’t specifically ask for one, so the applicant has every opportunity to make their mark.

It’s that simple. If you’re ready to put your best foot forward, start by filling out an application. And when you’re asked about a video resume, just say you’re ready for your close-up.

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