What Recruiting Strategies Are Working for You?

What Recruiting Strategies Are Working for You?

In today’s job market, it can often seem like recruiting and hiring is more about survival than strategic success. Many organizations struggle when it comes to finding and keeping great people. Successful recruiting strategies help you control costs, reduce turnover and improve long-term retention.

Are your recruiting strategies working for you?

Antiquated Recruiting Strategies Are Hurting You
If your team’s idea of recruiting is to post a job online and wait for great people to start banging down your door, you’re always going to be fighting a losing battle. No matter what industry you work in, you cannot attract the best and brightest in the market by wishing and hoping that those people will find you. If you want to find great people, you have to go out and get in front of them, and you must build a buzz around your company as a place where people want to come and work.

It is also important to remember that great people already have great jobs and aren’t actively seeking out new opportunities. If you don’t have a passive recruiting strategy in place, you’ll never connect with people who can add real value to your workforce.

The Challenges of Modern Recruiting Strategies

Investing in modern recruiting strategies takes time and effort – it is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires you to:

  • Focus on promoting company culture on your website and social media platforms
  • Building your unique selling proposition as an employer
  • Actively making connections with employed talent in your market
  • Making connections with people online on platforms like LinkedIn
  • Ensuring your salary and benefits packages are in line with market rates
  • Developing a thorough pre-employment screening process
  • Interviewing for cultural fit, in addition to skills alignment
  • Assessing the probability that a new employee will succeed and will stay with your organization

This is no easy feat for internal HR teams that are already stretched to the limit. Strategic hiring isn’t something you can do overnight, and because it requires so many resources, it keeps most businesses in the expensive cycle of survival, hiring warm bodies just to fill an open position.

Developing Great Strategies Today

It is important to get internal hiring teams focuses on modern recruiting, but since that process can take years, it provides almost no short-term ROI. Creating a strategic partnership with a recruiting firm can be your shortcut to effective, modern and accurate recruiting strategies today.

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