Gas Prices Causing Decreased Attendance? Try These 4 Incentives

pumping gas

Pain at the pump is causing pain for employers

Rising gas prices are making it increasingly difficult for employees to afford filling up their tanks or even show up to work at all. At Bonney, we’re finding that many candidates aren’t willing to drive as far for their next assignment, either. 

For employers, this is causing a strain on operations. Attendance is a common issue that we’ve helped coach our clients through in the past. But high gas prices being a reason for attendance issues? That’s a new one.

With gas prices out of your control (and expected to continue rising), here are some ideas to help design a win-win situation when it comes to attendance. 

Four incentives to increase attendance

Offer Gas Cards for Perfect Attendance

Incent employees to work all of their scheduled time by offering gas gift cards in exchange for perfect attendance. These can be tiered – 5 days of perfect attendance, earn $25; 10 days of perfect attendance, earn another $30, and so on.

Provide Bus Fare for Perfect Attendance

If more of your employee base takes the bus to work, offer to reimburse them for bus fare should they work all of their scheduled time. This can also be a mix and match program with a gas card program, depending on what would be most impactful to your workforce.

paying for public transportation can help with attendance

Facilitate a Rideshare Program

HR could create a system to pair together employees that live in the same neighborhood to carpool. Every employee accesses reliable transportation and the driver receives a gas gift card for the mileage.

Provide Lunch Daily

Offer lunch daily to indirectly compensate employees for rising costs and incentivize them to come to work. Plus, they won’t need to leave work to grab a bite to eat, saving gas too. It’s simple to organize and the cost can offset the loss of work that would result from absences.

Need more help? 

Attendance can be an ongoing challenge for many industries, especially manufacturing and industrial. Offering incentives are simple yet cost-effective ways to offset absenteeism caused by rising fuel prices. 

Want to discuss how to implement these solutions? What other ideas have you considered? Need an Employer Survival Kit? Email us and let’s talk!

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