Management Tips For HR Managers That Drive Results

Management Tips For HR Managers That Drive Results

Human Resource management is important for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Whether you manage a department of 1 or 100, you are responsible for driving critical results for your organization and that means committing to growth over time. Use these management tips to ensure that you are an HR rock star.

Focus On Staying Organized
HR Managers are always being asked to do more with fewer resources. It is impossible to juggle all of your responsibilities if you don’t stay organized. There are lots of software tools that HR pros can use to manage their tasks throughout the day, but if your company won’t invest in new software, research free software that can help you manage your time, manage your tasks and manage your calendar.

Develop A Strong Sense of Clarity
When it comes to HR, issues are not always black-and-white. When an employee comes to you with an issue like discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying, you’ll find yourself working in areas that are extremely vague, but also extremely sensitive. It is important to build a sense of clarity and to know when to make assertive decisions yourself and when to reach out for help. Developing that clarity is an art form that can take years to develop, but commit to learning from each situation to build your skills over time.

Focus On Ethics
HR managers often engage in a delicate balancing act. Sometimes, HR must protect the rights of the individual. Other times, HR must put the organization first. Confidentiality and discretion are critical, but HR managers must always have a strong sense of ethics so they know who to put first, how to enforce company policy and how to keep the organization protected, but compliant.

Improve Communication Skills
Communication is one of the most important skills HR managers must possess. Not only do they need to communicate well with company leaders, they must also be able to communicate clearly with people at all levels of the organization. This means tailoring messages to the audience, without speaking too far above or beneath anyone. It also means committing to regular communication to ensure that everyone has the information they need, at the right time.

Always Be Learning
Your management skills need to grow over time, and that means committing to professional development. Set aside an hour every week to focus on managing your career and growing your skills. Read industry journals, research a concept that you need more clarity on, take an online class, attend a conference or networking event, publish articles, etc. This time will help keep you connected to your work and will ensure that you are always growing as a professional.

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