Your Skills Are Your Greatest Career Asset. Here’s Why

Your Skills Are Your Greatest Career Asset. Here’s Why

If you are an industrial worker living in Maine, there’s something you need to know: Employers are suffering from a skill gap. This means that companies are looking for skilled laborers to fill jobs, but they can’t find enough workers to fill them. With the right approach in this market, talented laborers can write their ticket to a great job with a great employer.

Why Employers Are Struggling

There are numerous reasons why it’s so hard for Maine employers to find great people for industrial positions. One of the biggest shifts happened during the Great Recession when companies were forced to lay off workers in significant numbers. Those laborers either left the state or moved into new industries where jobs were easier to find, and they haven’t returned.

The rise of technology has also impacted the Maine labor market. In manufacturing, for example, the landscape has shifted significantly over the last 30 years. There are fewer manual positions on assembly lines thanks to computerized and mechanized processes. However, companies are now in need of laborers who can safely and accurately work manufacturing machinery, maintain and repair it and who can assure quality control throughout the process. Employers and schools have done a poor job of training the labor force for this shift, leaving many people who worked in manufacturing without the skills to take advantage of this shift. Workers who possess these skills are uniquely positioned to find a great job.

How To Strike While The Iron Is Hot

If you are an industrial worker looking for a better job than the one you have today, now is the time to make your move. There simply aren’t enough workers to go around, and you can make a strong impression by showcasing your most in-demand skills on your resume. Study job postings in your specific field and look for patterns. What are the skills you see listed over and over again? If you possess those skills, make sure that you specifically reference them in your resume to catch the attention of hiring managers and to pass resume screening software.

An extremely effective strategy, if you’re ready to make your move, is to work with an industrial recruiter. These professionals know about jobs that haven’t been advertised to the public, and they work with you to learn about your unique goals and work preferences so they can match you with your ideal employer. They can also help you polish your resume to make sure you’re maximizing your skills, which are your best asset in today’s market.

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