Writing a Thank You Note After the Job Interview


The job interview is over. Now what? Many employers will use this period to test an applicant’s interest in a company and whether or not you have good follow up skills.

You will be way ahead of your competition if you immediately send a thank you note to the interviewer. In your thank you note, you should restate your interest in his/her organization and the position for which you interviewed. Also, if an interviewer asks you to call him/her at a certain time or to provide names of references or any additional information…do so promptly…it’s all part of the follow-up process. Even if the interviewer has not requested that you call him/her, you should do so at least once, to check the status of the job opening. Excessive calling can hinder your candidacy so be sure to listen to the interviewer’s updates and act accordingly.

We have provided a sample thank you letter for your review.


Interviewer Name
Company Name

Dear Ms./Mr. ___________________

Thank you for spending time with me to discuss the position of (POSITION TITLE) in your sales division at (COMPANY NAME). The position you described sounds very challenging and I am confident I could do a good job meeting your needs. You mentioned the atmosphere is very fast-paced, and I want to re-assure you that I am capable of multitasking and can adapt quickly. In fact, I work best under pressure and am not afraid of deadlines.

My exposure to (COMPANY NAME) has been extremely favorable, thus far, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

Your Name

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