What Jobs Can I Find In Central Maine?

According to centralmaine.com, employers in the center of The Pine Tree State are struggling to find good people. This is especially true in the manufacturing sector, which is growing at a steady pace, despite what job seekers may be seeing and hearing in the national press. Manufacturing isn’t the only sector trying to find great people, however. The unemployment rate is down, which means employers in lots of industries are scrambling to find the right candidates for jobs in Central Maine.

The Dynamic Economy of Central Maine

Maine is in a state of flux right now. The unemployment rate is well below 4%, and Baby Boomers are retiring at a rapid pace. Job openings are piling up faster than younger workers are moving into the state or moving up into these positions, but some areas are experiencing greater need than others.

According to Maine’s Department of Labor, healthcare and the industries that support it are growing at a rapid pace. Not only are clinical staff in high demand, but so are office positions, administrative positions, as well as positions in medical supply companies, labs, and pharmaceuticals. Every industry that supports the healthcare needs workers ranging from manual labor to clerical to delivery drivers and everything in between. As the population of Maine continues to age, growth can be expected.

As noted by centrailmaine.com, manufacturing jobs are also on the rise. These are not the manufacturing jobs of a few decades ago, however. Many of today’s manufacturing jobs require technical acumen, though some do not. To close the employment gap, many manufacturers offer job training and apprenticeship programs to train people on the skills required to do their jobs well.

IT is another sector that continues to grow steadily and reliably in Central Maine. Companies of all sizes and in all industries require technology to keep their businesses running smoothly, and technology is advancing at breakneck speed. This is good news for younger IT professionals who previously felt they had to leave Maine to find great jobs.

Where to Find Jobs In Central Maine

Employers across the region are looking for talent, but embarking on a job search can still be an uphill battle for many people. If you are looking for a better job, if you are looking to change careers, if you are a recent high school or college grad, or if you are new to the region, Bonney Staffing, Maine’s premier staffing firm, can help.

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